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Original Roots of The Record Label

ESL - Engage Sounds Label - is a 1997 established record label and PR company based in the United Kingdom - producing and developing some of the best and rarest music / audio - music videos to date ESL - Engage Sounds Label - Host some of the most rare and undiscovered material that all 4 corners of the earth have ever listened to - working with Producers & Artists - ESL - Engage Sounds Label Cater to sub genres such as Atmospheric & Liquid Releasing new Hip-Hop / Drum & Bass / Deep House / House / Garage / Folk / Metal & R&B - to an audience seeking harmony with outstanding and soulful atmosphere. ESL - Engage Sounds Label - Producer List -




Spiritual Scythe

Michael Vannuffel



Equator - High Gauge - Long Range - Retro N-X-A - EN-R-G & Many More

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