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Save the Future - Soundtrack Single

September 25, 2016

Save the Future - The Soundtrack Single - is a sonic prequel in the audio collection of the Save the Future Trilogy Set

Produced in 2014 and by Eternal Sanctuary - Spiritual Scythes' production label, this sound, although only the beginning, makes a sure and understandable impression on the today listeners in Atmospheric Drum n Bass in 2016

Today. sees the soundtrack of Save the Future - on music streaming platforms - such as Spotify - Deezer - Google Play Music & iTunes / Apple Music

Save the Future can now be yours to own digitally from either of the music download giants or streaming sites

Save the Future II - Soundtrack Single

September 25, 2016

Save the Future II - is an exclusive and featured soundtrack for the 2016 EP entitled "Worlds" by Atmospherics' 53rd "Spiritual Scythe"

The audio is fairly new out, although the production for the sound began in around 2014.

Save the Future II - like its Brother soundtrack prequel single, packs a soft and clear sonic range, making both lyrical content and track pads perceivable.

Save the Future II - is now available to stream and own in high quality on Google Play Music & iTunes / Apple Music to Spotify

Save the Future III ft July Jones - Soundtrack Single

September 25, 2016

Save the Future III ft July Jones - by Spiritual Scythe - and from the Album entitled "Worlds" makes its way in 2016 to all digital music media outlets

Following on from the sonic story in the Save the Future - Trilogy Collection Set - This audio, along with its two Brother singles "Save the Future" & "Save the Future II" all produced by Atmospherics' 53rd Producer & Artist "Spiritual Scythe"

Continues the message of hope  in a torn world, a final instalment to the Drum n Bass sound series.

Featuring lead female voice singer "July Jones"

Today, you too can listen to the single, and make a comparison, as to which audio single highlights the best of all 3, in the Soundtrack series collection on Google Play Music - Deezer - iTunes / Apple Music & Spotify