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Nikki -  A lead voice Singer featured on the Deep House / Dark / Soul soundtrack entitled "Beyond Focus" by Deep House / Dark / Soul Producer "Moses"

July Jones - is a featured and lead voice Session Singer on the Drum n Bass / Soul soundtrack entitled Save the Future III by the 53rd Atmospheric Producer

"Spiritual Scythe" 

Alex Hummingson - is a magnificent featured and lead Voice Singer on the main atmospheric and powerful Soul / Drum n Bass soundtrack entitled

Enter the Zero - by Artist / Producer Origin

DJ Emanuel Son.jpg

Cajj - is a main and featured Singer on the lead soundtrack by Producer Solar entitled Engagement 

Featured  female Artist - Ama Wilde

is a featured and main Performer / Singer

on the "Learned." Soundtrack single title

by Atmospherics' 53rd Artist/Producer

Spiritual Scythe.

DJ Emanuel Son

Long before - time saw the track record of the  music scene increase


with Popularity - DJ Emanuel Son - vastly showed intelligence, in his comprised


quality of delivering on time tempo pad, with state praised drum chord


progression mixes.

An asset to the record label independent of Engage Sounds,

And long after his name is known, has now been the reason what makes skill

differ from talent - all at the pace if only he was still in the music industry


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