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August 04, 2017

Ama Wilde

Ama Wilde is a singer and songwriter. She is best known for her potent and dynamic voice, soulful tone and accomplished stage presence. She has an infectious, vibrant energy and has been passionately writing and performing for many years and finds lyrics are a great source of power, knowledge and transformation which is a huge inspiration for her as an Artist.

Authenticity and an intention of transformation are an integral part of her craft.

She is bilingual in English and Spanish to native level and uses this in her lyrics as well as singing.

She studied fine Art in The University of Arts London and Metropolitan University before forming String Theory in 2009 for which she was the sole lyricist, lead Singer and main driving force which led to various tv and radio performances. 


She has also worked with many other bands in the London Music scene, performing different genres such as Pop, Rock and Jazz


She currently collaborates with various Bands, Producers, Musicians and labels around the UK and Europe.


Her song repertoire includes hundreds of songs of different genres moods.

Engage Sounds Label - Artist Review

In working with Artist Ama Wilde - a featured Artist whom has had deep intake of what is definitely, a true work of art from Atmospheric - Producer/Artist - Spiritual Scythe - Late 1997 - with her vocal works on the track single entitled "Learned." by Spiritual Scythe.

Ama Wilde, is one of the most amazing and skilled Singer / Artists whom featured her astonishing vocal performance. making her another successful Artist rising and making her way into the music industry commercially.

July 31, 2016

Alex Hummingson

The Overview

Alex Hummingson is a singer, songwriter and actress born and raised in Stockholm. Her live

performances, ranging from the Stockholm Olympic Stadium and the Ritz­Carlton in DC to

Harvard Club dinners and the Whisky A Go­Go in LA, never fail to captivate her audience. Her

songs are like beautifully decorated pages from her personal diary, filled with tales of lost love,

raw attraction, and female empowerment. She wraps poetic words around powerful melodies to

deliver to listeners a style like a modern­day Barbra Streisand. She's an entertainer, composer

and survivor against all odds.

The Journey

● At age 13, she produced her first professional demo CD. Her acoustic pop ballad

"Polished Surface" was adopted by a Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company. The

song is about that teenage anxiety of wanting to fit in, about the illusion that being

popular is equal to being happy

At age 16, "Lover Tonight", a song composed by Ms. Hummingson and Mr Jacob

Stenvall, ended up in the finals of the Polish Eurovision Song Contest.

● After her high school graduation, AlexQueen of Hard Rock, played gigs around Boston, and NYC. The band also played the

Whisky A Go­Go in Los Angeles. The Queen of Hard Rock released "My Webcam", a

CD single with an accompanying book and a music video in 2007:

● In 2004, Alex played a choir member in the box office hit movie "As It Is in Heaven".

● In 2009, Alex played a minor role as a news reporter and did extensive work as a

voice­over artist in the box office hits "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", "The Girl Who

Played With the Fire" and "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest".

● Alex has also leg modelled for the Coca­Cola Company.

● Moving to Warsaw, Poland, in late 2010, she quickly caught the attention of Sony/ATV

A&R Wlodek Szadzinski which lead to a try­out collaboration with Sony/ATV, continuing

her quest to the stars.

● The Sony/ATV collaboration lead to several successful leads and collaborations,

especially the connection made with US country & folk musician Will Duvall. In 2015,

Alex and Will formed the duo Duvall & Hummingson, their first single being "All I Want":

● Moving to London, UK, in 2015, Alex jumpstarted her UK career with a successful

showcase at the Soho jazz club "Jazz After Dark", one of the songs from the gig being

the improvised "How I Lost My Job":

"In the latter half of 2016, Alex will be on several UK TV entertainment shows, one being the upcoming E4 series "The Walk of Shame". She is currently in the pre-production phase of her solo album with songwriters and producers in Sweden, the U.K. and the US.

ESL - Additional Notes: Working with the lead voice singer Alex Hummingson, has been the best moment of Engage Sounds Label, her recent and featured collaboration with the 36th Atmospheric / Drum & Bass / Soul and elusive producer "Origin" on his final return with the single in 2016 entitled "Enter the Zero" has been a most fine and aesthetic sound, together with Alex's smooth vocal performance, Alex came to deliver a sensational to powerful main take, which lead to the Soul / Drum & Bass soundtrack - "Enter the Zero" being aired by a short list of online radio stations on high rotation such as BTD radio by the hour for an entire week with the DJ - T Dawn & another radio airing moment on Sunrain


"Take a preview into the harmonious vocal and talented nature of Alex Hummingson - a next and rising star.. who will more than certainly rebuild the face of music, in the industry, for many years to come"

July 30, 2016

July Jones

A captivating soul-pop inspired singer/songwriter, July Jones, feels determined to capture the soul and gospel sound of the older generations and combine it with a more youthful, pop sound, bringing it closer to the younger audience.

She describes her style of music as modern soul, which in her vision means soul combined with electronic/pop.

Born in Ljubljana and finishing high school in USA, July says she got a taste of two different parts of the world and music, which heavily influenced her. One being classically trained since 6 years old and second participating in gospel choirs while studying in United States.


She is currently recording her EP, with live recordings of a gospel choir and looking forward to record four music videos funded by herself. Cooperating with her video team, a various of so called "church session videos", "living room sesions" and "youtube sessions" are being released in 2016.


She also continues to stay strong on social media, with main focus on YouTube. Releasing her single "Catch me by surprise" and "Alien" along with her other songs. 

“I’m determined to make this work, I’m currently working on my visual as well as audio presentation. It’s like building a brand. You have to be strong in every field possible. You have to be the best.” 





Despite being a vocalist, July thinks her strongest attribute is definitely her sense for songwriting. Being signed before, she's written over 40 songs for different record labels and artists, and definitely aims to succeed in the field. 

 Engage Sounds Label - Additional Notes: July Jones - is a new and remarkable talent in her profession, adding warmth and a glow of energy to the music she has been a part of with the independent record label of Engage Sounds, her recent soundtrack single, which she is featured on, with Save the Future III - by the 53rd Atmospheric Producer Spiritual Scythe, as a lead and featured Session Singer only, is a timeless record, now gaining attention in the music industry, Engage Sounds Label have been honoured to work with a most inspirational and powerful lady in music - the rising female star July Jones

July 30, 2016

"Origin" the 36th Atmospheric / Drum n Bass Producer

The 36th Atmospheric / Drum n Bass / Soul Producer "Origin" is from the long line of rarities forming an elemental league of Atmospheric Producers, in the main.. Origin remained elusive since his early moments in the classic Drum n Bass scene from 1998 onward to the present year, although time foresaw that the age was changing, Origin had to alter his sound but still preserve the original ambience and soulful aesthetics in his newer Drum n Bass / Soul release with featured and lead Female voice singer "Alex Hummingson" on "Enter the Zero" 

Backgrounds - Origin's background is non familiar to most of his new listeners, Origin comes from the heart of the South of the United Kingdom in Brighton, where he spent most of his time producing and showing love for his loved and most favourite genre Drum n Bass 

The unseen cannot be disapproved of - 

From the goal that Origin set out to achieve, it is mostly well known now that he was not to be exposed as a commercial figure, originating from the foundations of the underground and most likely to rise, Origin plays the role of the faceless Producer who is yet to captivate the hearts of every young listener and elderly in the roots of Drum n Bass

Track Releases -

Energy Unknown - Release Year - 1998

Powerful - Release Year - 2004

Enter the Zero - Release Year - 2016

October 12, 2015


A next face lead in Music -  ..Nikki -  Nikki, is a lead singer who is shortly introduced in one of Engage Sounds Label's most experimental Deep House genre rhythms, known as the entitled and sonic single of

"Beyond Focus" by Producer Moses 

The lead singer Nikki, is introduced in the Engage Sounds Label blog on Tumblr, a young and beautiful voiced singer who in the front of her career as a Garage and R&B genre vocalist has in store an outstanding league of high quality for any record label taking her skill on any status in music


- A next face in Music - 

September 13, 2011


One of the most and influential House - Deep House Producers comes to the fore of music - The Dark sub genre sounds in his sound, made way for a new window to be opened and introduced - known only by his alias emblem of the sphere, he is yet another elusive music Artist with an impressionable and after feel emotion - His 5 sonic themes relating to the times and life of existence itself - paralleled with the most intelligent lyrical content from other ghost writers, Moses leaves behind a reminiscent and very obscure vision of the future sonically - The Producer's recent release in 2015 with lead Singer "Nikki" entitled "Beyond Focus" grew not only familiar with listeners all over, but also on underground music radio - Moses' EP of "Onyx"  in 2011 was set in stone and even in delivery to the public, most did not hear enough, regarding numbers of totals in audiences - but can be found on a few social media sites re-established by the current and independent record label of "Engage Sounds UK Label"

March 05, 2014

Spiritual Scythe

Atmospheric Producer 53 "Spiritual Scythe" came about in the years of the late 90's, Producing travel sounds, or the journey in high soul and jazz influx, Spiritual Scythe's first Producer name, around the years of the golden era in music, was "Skies Horizon"


later Producing with the prior name, the LP "Raft of Rifts" He never got to make a commercial release of the 9 track album, in 99, due to secondary school studies


- Life on the future level:


Skies Horizon now bares the Producer alias of Spiritual Scythe, from his creators of the title (A) COMICS and the pen author "Sans Gate" One of the Producer's best and most unheard of sound themes, comes from his early track theme, vinyl sound of "London" His recent tracks are "Agile Revival" - Atmospheric Drum and Bass, to the track theme of "Missed" as well as other slow pace Atmospheric tracks, such as "Nevertheless"


Call to attention: Producer 53 is Spiritual Scythe, and since his 97 days of Producing in small time studios are all well and over, to sometimes revisited in the memory of the year, as time passes by, this Producer see's and makes a final return as Spiritual Scythe in 2014, making a come back in sonic form, with themes such as The Extraneous, Parallel Nature, and The Colour of Magnolia. all which are in the status of unconfirmed, Spiritual Scythe is also featured on the unconfirmed release album debut "The Enigma-Chain Release I" with 11 other Atmospheric Producers of the time

November 13, 2015

Emmanuel of the Ends

Atmospheric Producer 89 'Emmanuel of the Ends' is a South East London - UK MC - Rap Artist & Composer - the main and other genres that he specializes in are genres Grime & Hip-Hop


With a collection of 10 audio releases, this 89th face in the rank of Atmospheric Producers entries in at 2008 and had commenced to structuralize his vocal performance around 2010


'Emmanuel of the Ends' 89th Atmospheric Producer delivers an original flow and impacting composition on the 'Engage Sounds Label' 2016 E.P material of 6 track set - Inside by Producer of the 53rd rank in the genre Atmospheric 'Spiritual Scythe' with 'Rain Spiritual' a genre Atmospheric / Rap / Hip-Hop / Drum & Bass


'Emmanuel of the Ends' is considered one of the most vaulable MC's in the art and placed as one of Engage Sounds Label's wondereous Producers within the 'Hall of Artists'



January 11, 2000


EN-R-G - The 11th Atmospheric Producer in the genre "Drum & Bass" given the name and going by a sub relevant meaning - EN-R-G is an unknown Producer - not ever seen before by audiences, EN-R-G was one of the many changes that would come to the genre of fast motion Drum & Bass scene - leaving behind not one but 2 track themes to date - his sonic theme of "Power" & "The Hidden" came alive during 2001 to 2015 - He is elusive - and delivers only the best in audio traits when it comes down to music.

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