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Engage Sounds Label - Policy on Return Products - Digital or Physical

Our Following Policy - Relates to Digital and Physical - [Products] of the official

And Independent record label of Engage Sounds.

If any Digital product is purchased upon previewing the Audio material.

And if there are any disputes relating to any Digital Audio in MP3 / FLAC purchasable

Download, in regards to any non official Refund.

Then please note, that Engage Sounds Label - upon any Digital release Purchased 

By any Buyer - Cannot be refunded, as any product in a Digital sense and form.

Cannot be Downloaded and after purchase, dispute a cause for Refund.

Any Refundable Purchases only are limited just to any of Engage Sounds Labels' 

Physical Purchases - which may deem Refundable in the case of any Postage packaging

Damages, made during delivery.

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