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RealPlayer 11 Build [ Activator] Download




RealPlayer is included in MS Windows Media Player. Extensions to RealPlayer: RealPlay7: RealPlayer 7 released to finalize the streaming-based features (as well as adding other Media Framework features to RealPlayer). The RealPlay7 download has been installed by the RealPlayer site, but may be no longer accessible. RealPlay6: RealPlayer 6 released as a no-charge extension that fully removes the cost of RealNetworks streaming servers, removes the RealPlayer license requirement for commercial content, adds the ability to download video content, and adds additional features to other RealPlayer extensions. RealPlayer 6 can now be downloaded by anyone. Support for earlier versions: RealPlayer 6 is also available for Windows NT 3.51, Windows 2000, Windows CE 1.0. Licensing Version 6 of RealPlayer includes a free, 3-month trial of streaming servers from RealNetworks. The servers available to users on the trial are accessible through RealPlayer or by using RealPlayer for Windows. RealPlayer for Windows includes a free license to use the streaming servers. A full version of RealPlayer requires a paid license for use of streaming servers. Open RealNetworks licenses the streaming servers used in RealPlayer and RealPlayer Plus. History RealPlayer was created by RealNetworks. It was originally known as RealTime Media Player (RTMP). Version 1 Version 1 of RealPlayer was released to the public on March 3, 1999. The release of Version 1 was accompanied by an advertisement that was later banned by the FTC in January 2003. Version 1 of RealPlayer is a PC streaming media player for Windows. It allows users to play streamed video, audio, and Web content such as Flash animations. The application, designed to work with Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows 2000, has been updated to add support for Windows NT and Windows 2000. The update is available as an optional download. Version 2 Version 2 of RealPlayer was released on October 18, 2000. This version includes a redesigned user interface and improvements to streaming media performance, including playing streaming video with hardware acceleration and increased buffer sizes. RealPlayer Plus RealPlayer Plus (RTPMP) is a streaming media player and a streaming server for Windows. It was released on April 3, 2002, replacing the RealPlayer standard edition and adding several new features to the real player, including new media formats, enhanced streaming performance,




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