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Spiritual Scythes' "Visions EP" & Single Releases

From the 5 track set extended play album "Visions" and by Spiritual Scythe.

The Visions EP is a highlight to the 2016 underground music collections of Engage Sounds Label, highlighting mostly the late 1997 and Atmospheric Music Producer "Spiritual Scythe".

The beginning points to the EP of "Visions" are of course, the two and most loved singles on the streaming sites known as "The Dream" & "The Dream Revisited" both productions are of the Atmospheric Producer Spiritual Scythes'.

In the main.. the concept of thought is what inspires the listeners of these 2 flawless track singles

And only one question is asked - what does it mean?

To listen to these 2 atmospheric singles in sonic motion, see the links below on the clickable image covers to Spotify

In 2017 - The 3rd and Semi / Drum n Bass / Soul sound had been released, the single entitled "Forbidden" produced by Spiritual Scythe - for the Visions EP and coming in as a 3rd and main audio to the single collection of the extended play album itself, what awaits in this compelling melodic of highs and lows, is an introduction of film dialogue, taken from the motion picture entitled 'Super Spiritual' from the original creators of (A) COMICS - the track single of "Forbidden" fits perfectly into the dark and sonic chapter of the Visions EP album, and can be fondly admired for its very classic sound.

To preview this featured wave of rhythmic ambience and classic dialogue - see the below single front cover and direct clickable video to YouTube, below the first 2 single images of "The Dream" & "The Dream Revisited" to transmit yourself over to the full version on Spotify after.. through the video's link in the description of the sonic title entitled "Forbidden"

The Dream - Main Front Cover

The Dream Revisited - Main Front Cover

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