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Origin's 3 Golden Audio Track Lists

It all began in 1998 - The air was in calm, atmospheres were sold within a physical and rare cut out vinyl disc. It has to be the original and only Producer who could discover and re-compose from the undiscovered in Atmospheric / Drum n Bass / Soul Music - The Artist / Producer aliased Origin

Just 3 of his main releases over time had come to the surface - here are the highlights of his records beginning from the late 90's - 2004 and 2016

Coming in at 3 - Origin's 1998 Single of "Energy Unknown"

This Drum & Bass production had been released in 1998 - whilst remaining on his own product name label Legacy Audio until partly signed to the Engage Sounds Label itself for its re-release in 2016

Music life around the late 90's got ever so wondrous, that there's no doubt, Origin could ever have failed at his craft. Elusive as he is faceless, Origin's soulful and earlier era 90's audio theme will leave you remembering what should have continued in music today. The Nostalgia

Preview the Atmospheric and Blissful sound below on YouTube "Energy Unknown"

Coming in at 2 - Origin's - 2004 Classic - and Experimental Drum & Bass theme "Powerful" is an original piece collection to his Legacy Audio production label

With a surge of electronic rushing through your speakers, and lush Atmospherics. The sonic theme of "Powerful" reminds us of evolution within this melodic,

Re-released in 2016 - Origin takes his mystery and combines it with strong currents of passion and love for the genre added as Experimental / Drum n Bass

Preview the audio below on YouTube for Origin's 2004 classic - Powerful

Coming in at around 1 - is the all new and lush ambience of Enter the Zero ft Alex -Hummingson by Origin - As always, the sonic theme is slightly evolved, making this a chart topper in Drum & Bass.

The single was produced in 2013 and later released in the 2016 year, with it being radio aired on high rotation by the hour on underground radio BTD for a whole week - soon to hit more radio stations is Origin's final best, since his production time in 1998 - with the rather chilled audio to Enter the Zero - Composed for the second motion picture entitled "Super Spiritual" and from its original creators (A) COMICS.

The track's mirage in drifting sounds is an aesthetic just waiting to be listened to.

Preview the sound below on YouTube of Enter the Zero ft Alex Hummingson

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