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Heavy Metal in Life's Circle of Fire

Filter Type-5 | is a track title under the Heavy Metal category in music

That delivers frightful aggression, in so many ways possible.

Like this main title, by Suffocation | Engage Sounds Label delve deeper

Into why it was played this way, the reasons are:

Life was on edge | Too much stress centred out of nothing | Lame times of pain

Well, the reasons seem well thought to be pressurizing enough to create

Something as raw and powerful, like Suffocations' Filter Type-5 sound

But what makes this so worth a listen? try it and sit for a while, to know

That it is a very well gathered piece of master craft.

And what's more, is that Suffocation will come out with more of this

But even deeper into the spectrum.

Want to hear it? here is the direct media link to the Apple Music panel

Below here

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