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Street & Historic Fashions

Streets and Historic generations in clothing have come a long way ahead in the music industry -


Engage Sounds Label - Cater to fashion sense & designs which are outstanding in their position of


belief and awe. Our range holds Chinese / Orient Clasi figure stances - such as centre


Roman epoch - Greece - Helenistic PERIOD epoch - Fuedal Japan 

Tokyo Essense - America Splendour 

Divine Tore - Reign Vit - Fantasy 


For a Type Dressing to complete order and satisfaction - See our results below.

 Engage Sounds Label & The Gallery 

Egypt the God of the Nile-Slide 1
Egypt the God the Nile S3
Egypt the God of the Nile
Dartu the Nile God-Far Gate
Dartu Grey Scale
Tengo the Temple Monk-SII
Tengo the Temple Monk-M
Tengo the Temple Monk-Lon Stance
Tengo the Temple Monk-Balet
Tengo the Temple Monk-Crouch Balet
Phiago the Fire-Slide One
Phiago the Fire-Tower Two
Phiago the Fire III-Stand Pose
Phiago the Fire II
Phiago the Fire-Slide 2


Dartu the Nile God - Egypt

Egypt the God of the Nile-Slide 1.JPG
Egypt the God the Nile S3.JPG
Egypt the God of the Nile.JPG
Dartu Grey Scale.JPG
Dartu the Nile God-Far Gate.JPG

Teron the Greek Deity

Teron the Greek-Slide II.JPG
Teron the Greek.JPG
Teron the Greek-Statuette.jpg
Teron the Greek-MAS.jpg
Teron the Greek-MOP.jpg

Phiago the Fire

Phiago the Fire-Slide One.jpg
Phiago the Fire III-Stand Pose.JPG
Phiago the Fire-Tower Two.jpg
Phiago the Fire-Slide 2.JPG
Phiago the Fire II.JPG
Phiago the Fire.JPG

Tengo the Temple Monk

Tengo the Temple Monk-SII.JPG
Tengo the Temple Monk-M.JPG
Tengo the Temple Monk-Crouch Balet.JPG
Tengo the Temple Monk-Lon Stance.JPG
Tengo the Temple Monk-Balet.JPG
Tengo the Temple Monk-Crouch II.JPG

Tokyo Essence 

Sky Scraper Lon

Sky Scraper Lon-Swing (194x525).jpg
Sky Scraper Lon-Sures (192x525).jpg
Sky Scraper Lon-Chest You (525x299).jpg
Sky Scraper Lon-Graphite (239x525).jpg
Sky Scraper Lon-Grange (224x525).jpg
Sky Scraper Lon-Frag (191x525).jpg
Sky Scraper Lon-Tokyo Raise (269x525).jp
Sky Scraper Lon-Fragment (189x525).jpg
Sky Scraper Lon-Tokyo Dive (525x295).jpg
Sky Scraper Lon-Hyu (201x525).jpg
Sky Scraper Lon-Uniforma (525x281).jpg
Sky Scraper Lon-Unifirma Badgette (525x2
Sky Scraper Lon-High (195x525).jpg

Tokyo Havan

Tokyo Havan-Lectures (295x525).jpg
Tokyo Havan-Enegise (295x525).jpg
Tokyo Havan-Essence (296x525).jpg
Tokyo Havan-Red Essence (525x355).jpg
Tokyo Havan-Red Raised (372x525).jpg
Tokyo Havan-Scale Res (525x295).jpg
Tokyo Havan-Treach Red (525x248).jpg

Tokyo Swindown 

Tokyo Swindown-Dragon Glare (451x525).jp
Tokyo Swindown-Legacy Down (432x525).jpg
Tokyo Swindown-Grass Rush Rise (306x525)
Tokyo Swindown-Youl (261x525).jpg
Tokyo Swindown-Tokl Hase (295x525).jpg
Tokyo Swindown-Hydrolic Grase (525x295).
Tokyo Swindown-Eset (525x406).jpg
Stancu-Tokyo Swindown (295x525).jpg
Gtay-Tokyo Swindown (295x525).jpg
Graty Focus-Tokyo Swindown (525x295).jpg
Tokyo Swindown-Gret Hu (525x295).jpg
Tokyo Swindown-Long Frat (525x295).jpg
Tokyo Swindown-Raise Yu (525x442).jpg

Tokyo Flan

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